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Welcome to the Institute of Landscape Architecture!

For most people, the term landscape architecture brings to mind images of beautifully landscaped private backyard gardens. Today the term has an expanded meaning which encompasses all spaces between and surrounding buildings: city squares and parks are just as much a part of the scope of work as streetscapes and rooftops; dealing with the climate crisis as much as with the continuing growth of the global urban population. In this context, the Institute of Landscape Architecture is constantly applying a spatial-interpretative approach to seek answers to the question of how our open spaces should be designed for and in the future. In light of constantly evolving environmental and social conditions, we investigate and challenge the complex structures of real sites. The broad range of expertise at the Institute enables the further development of open spaces and landscapes from socio-political, technical-constructive, artistic-creative, heritage preservation and ecological perspectives. Insight gained from history, construction technology, plant use, and design, as well as communication in textual and graphical forms, are basic prerequisites for successful landscape architecture, and are therefore focal points in our teaching and research.

The following pages give you the opportunity to get to know the institute and our core areas of teaching and research in more detail, and to discover current student works and research projects.