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Call for Papers: Future Workshop for Garden History and Garden Preservation in Hanover-Herrenhausen

Call for Papers: Future Workshop for Garden History and Garden Preservation in Hanover-Herrenhausen

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Historic gardens and parks, as well as other testimonies of garden and landscape culture, require more attention and collaborative efforts to explore and preserve them. For this purpose, representatives of significant organizations from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland will come together for the first time at a broad academic, governmental, professional, and volunteer level. From March 5th to 7th, 2024, they will meet in Hannover to explore perspectives for the cultural heritage of gardens. In times of global warming, many facilities face the threat of losing their substance, despite their qualities being still insufficiently known to the public.

The event is an initiative by Prof. Dr. Inken Formann at Leibniz University Hannover, the Center for Garden Art and Landscape Architecture (CGL), and the Department of Herrenhäuser Gardens of the state capital. They aim for open-ended discussions and equal communication to enhance the mutual benefit of theory and practice. The "Future Forge for Garden History and Garden Preservation in Hannover-Herrenhausen" in the conference rooms of the famous Baroque garden is being prepared and conducted by students of a master's seminar in the winter semester of 2023/24. With a Call for Papers (submission until January 19, 2024), it is open to all interested parties but is particularly aimed at young scholars from various disciplines with a "beyond borders" perspective.

The purpose of the conference is to determine the current status of science and research in garden history and garden preservation in the German-speaking area and derive the most pressing areas of activity for the present and future. It aims to strengthen partnerships by promoting networking and knowledge transfer. We aim to inspire thought and bring it to light. The exchange also contributes to strategically reorienting the field of "History of Landscape Architecture and Garden Preservation" at the University of Hannover and its associated research institution CGL.

The program envisions participants meeting in working groups, merging their opinions, discussing ideas, establishing connections, and holding a (public) panel discussion on the third day of the conference. A companion webpage ( will publish the most important statements received for the conference and, after its conclusion, the closing declaration. The following topics have already been proposed by the organizers in collaboration with numerous partners for the Future Workshop:

  • The significance of cultural garden heritage today and for a livable future: measurement criteria and arguments
  • Historic gardens in climate change: climate adaptation measures in the context of soil, water, and plants, research projects, knowledge transfer
  • Contributions of cultural garden heritage to biodiversity (species and nature conservation)
  • Contributions of cultural garden heritage to CSR sustainability reporting
  • Ways to strengthen all institutions, networks, and partnerships
  • Theory and practice - potentials for the development of preservation methodology
  • Support for young scholars and securing the profession - academically and horticulturally
  • Garden history, professional history, garden preservation: fields of action for education; education for sustainable development
  • Research needs for plant use and construction techniques for practical garden preservation
  • Challenges of digitization - inventory, monitoring, AI, virtual realities, robotics, open-source knowledge
  • Unlocking estates, supporting libraries and archives
  • Internationality and knowledge transfer: strategies between Eurocentrism and globalization
  • Future and focus of the Center for Garden Art and Landscape Architecture in partnership with other institutions
  • Gardens and society: conflicting uses, societal transformation, common welfare orientation, civic engagement
  • Foundation perspectives: investments in the future of garden culture and research funding

Call for Papers:

The impulse papers should include:

  1. Thesis as a headline / problem statementSubstantiation with necessary research and action fields as desired future pathways, evidence, and demands for further professionalization of applied garden conservation sciences (max. 300 words);
  2. Substantiation with necessary research and action fields as desired future pathways, evidence, and demands for further professionalization of applied garden conservation sciences (max. 300 words);
  3. Author / Institution; internal information: Short CV (max. 100 words) and contact details.

The written statement can also be submitted as a maximum 5-minute impulse presentation (up to 5 slides) during the event (with honorarium and reimbursement of travel expenses). Submissions until January 19, 2024, please send to Elisabeth Weymann and Inken Formann, Feedback will be provided promptly.


Tue, 03/05/24: Kick-off with panels for inventory (with lunch, network cards on the research subject, players in garden history research and garden preservation, as well as research fields)

Wed, 03/06/24: Parallel colloquia with impulse contributions and work in moderated working groups with varying methodologies, discussion of working results in plenary

Thu, 03/07/24: Developing statements as a joint position paper, concluding with a public panel discussion.

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Active participation in the discussion format is possible even without your own impulse contribution: Participation fee: €45 per day, 3 days €120. Please register by February 16, 2024, at


Orangerie Herrenhäuser Gärten, Herrenhäuser Str. 3, 30419 Hannover.

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(30 single rooms at €144.00 including breakfast, bookable under the code "Future Forge," cancellable until January 31, 2024)

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(2 double rooms for single use at €80.00; 9 business double rooms for single use at €90.00, 3 superior double rooms for single use at €100.00, 3 superior double rooms with terrace for single use at €110.00. Quick booking recommended, bookable under the code "Future Forge," cancellable up to 14 days before the event)

  • Motel One Hannover-Oper, Georgstr. 52, 30159 Hannover, Tel. +49 (0)511 6472490

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We are happy to find accommodation options based on your personal preferences and assist with any other questions.


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