Institute for Landscape Architecture

At the Institute of Landscape Architecture, a wide variety of electives and required courses are offered for the B.Sc. in Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning, the M.Sc. in Landscape Architecture, as well as for the M.Sc. Landscape and Regional Planning and the neighboring architecture programs. The teaching in the undergraduate program prepares students for a wide range of professional practice in landscape architecture. The focus is on the fundamentals of space formation, representation, communication, and design methodology, a foundation in construction, vegetation, and planting design, and a basic understanding of history and garden preservation.

For students who wish to continue their studies with a master's degree, seminars and projects provide the opportunity to develop an extended understanding of interconnections. Students can also gain insight into current research topics both at the institute and in international fields. Beyond the basic knowledge gained in the undergraduate program, the master's program offers the opportunity to sharpen one's professional profile and critical awareness.

You can find the current list of course offerings of the Faculty of Architecture and Landscape here.

Information on courses in the various teaching & research areas can be found on their homepages or as announcements on the bulletin board.