Planting Design

The showroom displays a selection of outstanding and inspiring work by our students in projects, seminar papers and final theses.

© Carla Santelmann

"Back to the Roots"

Week-long Impromptu Assignment
Carla Santelmann

© Sohn & Tontsch

"Summerwine - A color palette of bordeaux, violet and blue tones."

(Mandatory) Masters Elective
Patricia Sohn, Paul Tonsch

© Janina Wagner

"For Lucie"

Week-long Impromptu Assignment
Janina Wagner

© Projektgruppe Immerschön

"Immerschön. Winter Aspects in Planting Design"

Deepening Project
Sophie Goldmann, Sarah Marie Namockel, Jasper Nöhren, Agnes Oltmann, Luise Pahlow, Louisa Parent, Marlene Saecker, Marie Schmidt, Sina Katharina Schröder, Janina Wagner