Landschaftsarchitektur und Entwerfen

Winter 2016/ 17

Tian Guangyu, Kazutaka Tambe

We plan the reed landscape park as a infrastructure, that for the cleaning of the agricultural sewage and as public leisure areas beside the Dümmer See. We should take into account that, the infrastructure fit into the landscape and the biotope of the environment. In here, landscape architectonic task is about to unite four different demands, water management, sociological functions, landscape, and ecological demands for the "big picture".
Two diagonal axes play an important role in our design. One axis follows the ground relief to maximize the water storage and minimization of the earthwork. Another axis is followed by shrubs and the boundary of the nature reserve, so as to let people get the existing vegetation and more areas of the NSG (Nature Schutz Gebiet). In addition, the two axes follow the shape of the fields and paths, so that the 140-hectare park is harmonizes with the environment.

© Tian Guangyu, Kazutaka Tambe
© Tian Guangyu, Kazutaka Tambe