Landscape Architecture and Design

  • © Julian Martitz
    Nacht die Wissen schafft, Lichtinstallation Herrenhäuser Straße 8, 2018

  • © Christian Werthmann
    Zeichenübung 1. Semester, Herrenhäuser Allee, 2019

  • © ILA
    Präsentation des Masterprojekts „Hannlimited“, Arne Jacobsen Foyer, Hannover, 2019

The teaching and research area of Landscape Architecture and Design (LAE) offers elective and compulsory courses for the B.Sc. in Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning and M.Sc. in Landscape Architecture programs, as well as for the M.Sc. Landscape and Regional Planning and the architecture programs.

In the Bachelor's program, the teaching emphasis is on preparing students for professional practice in landscape architecture offices. In the lectures, seminars and projects, the focus is particularly on the fundamentals of spatial formation, as well as learning design methodology and communication strategies. Practical design tasks, the testing and experiencing of design procedures through drawings and scale models, as well as the interpretation of built projects all play an important role.

Through seminars and projects, the master's program allows students to gain an in-depth understanding of the complex interrelationships and manipulations of our built environment. Insights into current research topics at the LAE and a high degree of internationality provide the opportunity to go beyond the basic knowledge gained in the bachelor's program in order to refine one's own professional profile and develop a critical awareness of one's own practice.

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