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Winter 2019/20 

Emergent Topics / Mountains

The scope of the landscape architecture profession is potentially vast, while changing environmental, social and economic conditions challenge our ability to successfully engage landscapes as such. Over the next 50 years in which your career will develop, the world’s urban population will almost double; water, food and resource pressures will increase worldwide, and the uncertainty surrounding climate change will form the world’s landscapes – not only in ways that have long been foreseen, but also in ones no one expects. While a broad understanding of the issues facing our discipline is critical, it is also imperative to focus on particular topics, to answer questions in new ways and to adapt modes of practice to new realities. The continual development of both generalist and specialist knowledge is crucial to advancing both careers and the discipline itself. It is central to this seminar to study the various aspects of these future challenges on a national, European and international level and to uncover distinctive strategies for the profession of landscape architecture in relation to the many other disciplines who are involved in the process.

It is important to recognize that the upcoming challenges facing our world will supersede the reach of individual disciplines or individual designers: they will require interconnected planning and design approaches that span many disciplines from landscape architecture, to urban planning, urban design, architecture, sociology, ecology, economy, law, art and so forth. However all these challenges will play out on the land – the terrain we as landscape architects are familiar with and responsible for.

This year‘s seminar will focus on the overarching topic The Future of Mountains and will explore the various pressures shaping and threatening mountainous landscapes, from touristic over- development, habitat loss, and resource exploitation, to higher risks due to the climate crisis.


The seminar will teach students to perform independent exploration of a chosen issue in a collaborative format. Students will acquire the skill to express, hone and explore their topic through mappings, diagrams and other innovative representation tools based on a semester long iterative process. It is structured by lectures, skill and research workshops. The attendance of a conference concerned with the main topic is a central element.
Through the use of English as the main language, students will be better prepared to engage the discipline in international contexts through speaking, reading, and writing. (B1 level English is recommended.)

Start: October 23, 2019 9:00 AM, Seminarraum KiKa 020, HH-Str. 2a

Christian Werthmann, Jonas Schäfer