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Sommer 2017

I LUNGOTEVERE Zukunft des Flusses einer uralten Stadt

Thema und Anlass

Over the course of nearly 28 centuries, the city of Rome and the river Tiber have experienced a close but complicated relationship. Sometimes revered as a god, but just as often cursed for its unpredictable and capricious behavior, the river at times bought the city greatness, but more often bought the exalted and eternal city to its knees. After centuries of catastrophe, the problems bought by the river seemed to be solved with the construction of a series of 8m high stone embankments, the Lungotevere, creating a riverfront underworld almost totally separated from the life of the city above. For the time being, the fortress-like walls seem to have stopped the chronic flooding problems, but the city is in danger of forgetting its river. The space has become a receptacle for much of the detritus from the city, from garbage to drug-addicts, while several close calls in recent years have shown that the eternal problem of flooding might soon come back with a vengeance. But the river, as in many cities, continues to offer promise and potential despite its perils. As cities around the world reconsider the relationship to their rivers, Landscape Architects find themselves in a unique position to contribute to developing the public spaces of the future, while mediating the relationship between human civilization and the powerful processes of the natural world.


The Studio will begin with a fast-paced conceptual phase to develop ideas for an international ideas competition in small groups. After producing a series of visionary proposals for the Tiber River, the studio will visit Rome from 10.05. – 13.05. to look at the site in detail, and to evaluate how well the conceptual ideas relate to conditions on the ground. Based on the initial proposals and on the site visit, each student will then develop an individual proposal in detail for a small stretch of the river. The proposals of all the students together will be combined to inform an overall vision for what the Tiber River could be in Rome’s 29th century.   

Betreuung: MLA Joseph Claghorn, MLA Lisa Seiler 
Beginn: 10. April 2017 14:15 Uhr, Hörsaal Kirchenkanzlei HH-Str. 2a